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Rated power output

120 W

240 W

480 W

Constant voltage outputs / Low impedance outputs

100-70-50 V and 8 Ω

Tones control

Bass ± 10 dB (100 Hz) ; Trable ± 10 dB (10 kHz)

Microphone input UNITS

RJ45 (B711-G)

Sensitivity / Impedance

1250 mV

320 mV

S/N Ratio

> 78 dB

Frequency response

30 ÷ 20.000 Hz

Maximum number of microphone station units (B711-G)

Up to 6 microphone stations in cascade fashion over a maximum distance of up 200 m

Line input

Balanced XLR, unbalanced RCA

Sensitivity / Impedance

300 mV / 60 kΩ

S/N Ratio

>77 dB

Frequency response

30 ÷ 20.000 Hz

Telephone / Emergency (TEL / EMERG) audio input

Balanced with terminals (HOT-COM-GND) with activation threshold adjustment

Sensitivity / Impedance

120 mV / 6 kΩ

S/N Ratio

>75 dB

Frequency response

230 ÷ 13.000 Hz

Line output (LINEA OUT)

Balanced, XLR

Mains power supply

230/115 Vac - 50/60 Hz / 24 Vdc

Maximum consumption

280 W (320 VA)

535 W (610 VA)

1160 W (1330 VA)

24 Vdc current consumption (max power / with no signal)

6,6 A / 0,2 A

13,2 A / 0,2 A

33 A / 0,8 A

19" rack mounting (modular units)

Optional AC5660 brackets with recommended AC50 supports (2U)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

432 x 88 x 272 mm

432 x 88 x 360 mm


8,2 kg

10,5 kg

16 kg

microphone bases


microphone stations can be used simply and rapidly with

the amplifiers of the AW5600 range. It is essential to use CAT5e SF/

UTP shielded cables (IN input UNITS), and it is possible to connect up

to 6 microphone stations in cascade fashion. The output level can be

adjusted by means of the appropriate rear-panel control (LEV).

front panel control exclusion

If this amplifier is used in emergency systems, it is possible to disable

all the front-panel controls (tone and volume controls). In this way it

is possible to prevent the levels set at the time of commissioning the

system from being altered accidentally.

Telephone/Emergency Input

There is a special audio input (TEL/EMERG) on the rear terminal block,

balanced with a transformer and with automatic activation of prece-

dence (VOX). Controls for adjusting the level and the activation th-

reshold are provided on the rear panel. This input can be used for

connecting the appropriate audio output of a telephone switchboard.