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Detailed technical data sheets, operation diagrams and user manuals of the main products are available at www.

PASO S.p.A. strive to improve their products continuously, and therefore reserve the right to make changes to the

drawings and technical specifications at any time and without notice.

ED. 01/2017

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world immediately.

This new


which includes totally innovative product lines, is intended to

mark the Company’s constant commitment. It is a useful tool for designing and creating

sound amplification and conference systems for small and medium-sized applications.


also offers complete solutions for audio systems applied to emergency services

and congress systems. For further information, please visit .

Sound broadcasting system

Sound-broadcasting installations, especially if they are complex and require high levels

of safety and flexibility, must be combined increasingly frequently with sophisticated

systems for managing and controlling the various components, for flexible selection

of the inputs and outputs and for interfacing with external peripheral equipment. For

these and other demanding applications,


offers several solutions such as, by way

of example, the master/slave multizone units (P8136/P8236), an extremely versatile

professional voice/music distribution “system” capable of meeting the most complex

system specifications.

Voice Evacuation Systems (VES)

On premises featuring the presence of large numbers of people, it is essential to have

a suitable sound-broadcasting system that, activated by the fire alarm control unit, is

able to manage emergency situations, enabling guided and controlled evacuation of

the building. The European standards now in force define specifically the design and

installation terms required in order to meet the appropriate safety and reliability require-



can offer solutions that comply in full with the voice evacuation and safety

standards (EN 54-16, EN 60849).

Congress systems

The secret of a successful conference depends on the use of congress systems able

to guarantee clear and intelligible speech, together with evolved management tools

enabling the use of advanced information and multimedia services. The




conference systems are able to meet these requirements in a simply and orderly

manner, offering an elegant solution “Made in Italy”.


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