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Configuration micro-switches

The main feature of the PA6000 range is the presence of micro-

switches on the rear panel enabling the settings of all the operational

parameters of the equipment to be checked and/or changed. Speci-

fically, it is possible to manage priorities among the various different

audio inputs, to enable a warning signal, to enable VOX (automatic

activation) of the MIC1 input and to programme the zones for calls by

means of a precedence contact and from the telephone/emergency


Connection of stations

With the compact systems of the PA6000 range, connecting a

PMB106-G microphone station, so as to enable messages to be sent

to one or more receiving zones is simple and quickly done. It is es-

sential to use SFTP CAT.5E shielded cables (IN UNITS input), and it is

possible to connect up to 16 stations in cascade fashion over a maxi-

mum distance of up to 1 km. If necessary, the bases can be powered

by means of their rear-panel sockets. The output level is adjustable by

means of the appropriate front-panel control (MIC/UNITS).

Music volume control

These units enable separate control of the volume of the background

music broadcast to the single zones, thanks to the specific front-panel

‘ZONE MUSIC LEVEL’ controls.

Multi-function module

Each unit of the PA6000 range has a multi-function module with a

tuner/ CD/MP3 player that also enables external devices such as SD/

MMC cards to be played and an USB storage unit.

The module has a display for indicating the presence or lack of CD/

SD/MMC/USB media, the chosen functions, information about the

tracks and the type of tuning selected. All the keys needed for control

of the module are accessible on the front panel: selection of the device

to be used, controls for playing out the tracks in the normal module,

programming functions for listening to the pieces of music, repeating

them or playing them out in random order. The AM/FM tuner can be

used for automatic or hand tuning and for storage of 10 programmes

in both bands.

Telephone/Emergency Input

There is a special audio input (TEL/EMERG) on the rear terminal block,

balanced with a transformer and with automatic activation of prece-

dence (VOX). Controls for adjusting the level and the activation th-

reshold are provided on the rear panel. This input can be used for

connecting the appropriate audio output of a telephone switchboard.

PA6000 range


CMDS (Compact Music Distribution System)

Amplified Sinto-CD/mp3 and USB/SD Card player • 6 output zones