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CR8506-V Controller


The controller CR8506-V is the heart of PA8500-VES evacuation system; it has been designed to drive all the supervising functions of the entire system, in compliance with the current safety standard for voice evacuation systems. It also manage and controls all the audio signals (evacuation, alert and standard messages and background music).
CAT5 network assures an easy connection of the several units:
• 6 control lines for PMD digital amplifiers and/or router RT8506-V and/or integrated voice evacuation system PA8506-V
• 2 redundant lines to connect other CR8506-V in daisy chain (max 6)
• 2 redundant lines for emergency microphone consoles, PMB132 range (max 7)
• 2 lines for call stations PMB range (max 16 with 7 priority levels)


• Controlled emergency microphone
• 2-channel broadcast system
• Built-in message generator to broadcast prerecorded messages (EVAC and ALERT)
• USB input for background music source
• Back-up power amplifier management
• Secondary emergency power supply input (24 VDC)
• 7 controlled input contacts
• 3 relay outputs
• Graphic display 128×64 pixel monochrome
• Complete diagnostic of system fault events
• Standard rack mounting 19” (2 units)