40 W RMS



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AX3504 40 W RMS


The AX3504 40 W amplifier is the basic model of the AX3500 range. It is particularly suitable for small systems, and features great flexibility of use thanks to the large variety of inputs and outputs: two microphone inputs (one on the front panel with VOX priority, handy and simple to use), two auxiliary inputs for sound sources (Tape, CD) that can be selected by means of a front-panel control and an audio input with automatic activation of precedence (VOX). A precedence contact activates priority of the microphone over the auxiliary sources, sending a warning signal (chime) at the same time. This unit can be mounted on a standard 19” rack using the specific AC3504 brackets.


• Front microphone input (jack ¼”). Input with automatic precedence function (VOX) and threshold adjustment
• Microphone input with phantom power supply (XLR)
• To be used with microphone bases B701-MG and B701-PG
• 2 auxiliary inputs for sound sources (TAPE/CD)
• Telephone/emergency audio input for priority calls with adjustable threshold and sensitivity
• Front-panel level control for each microphone and auxiliary input
• Front-panel treble and bass controls
• Constant voltage (50/70/100 V) or 8 Ω impedance loudspeaker line output
• Auxiliary line output
• Contacts for activating precedence on line input
• Alerting signal (chime) with level control
• Selectable 230/115 Vac and 24 Vdc mains power supply




AC3504 Brackets for rack-mounting (AX3504) (2 HE)