25 W Stereo amplifiers



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AW25-DIN 25 W stereo amplifier unit, standard DIN guides


AW25R-DIN As AW25-DIN with volume control


AW25 25 W stereo amplifier module


The models of the AW25 range are high-efficiency Class D stereo amplifiers. They are small and compact but extraordinarily powerful thanks to the high-quality components with which they are made. They are capable of high performance levels in terms of signal dynamics. The basic AW25 card can be installed directly inside electrical junction boxes or in false ceilings, while models AW25-DIN and AW25R-DIN, supplied with their own boxes, are suitable for installation on standard DIN guides. Contacts for remote volume control are provided, and if necessary it is possible to set operation simply as a booster unit (maximum volume on switching on). In this way, the output power will be determined by the level of the input power. Model AW25R-DIN has a trimmer-type volume control built into the internal circuit. This enables local adjustment of the volume of the two inputs, LEFT and RIGHT, in addition to any external volume controls.



• Class D stereo amplifier, 25 W maximum

• High-efficiency

• Small and compact sizes (AW25 card version or AW25-DIN and AW25R-DIN models with box suitable for installation on standard DIN guides)

• suitable for sound broadcasting to small areas (hotel rooms, booths of wellbeing centres, meeting rooms)

• 3 different operating modes: STEREO / BRIDGE / PA

• volume control simply by means of remote push-buttons

• 12 ÷ 24 Vdc power supply