C57 / C58
Ceiling mounting


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C57-TB 6 W, Ø 180 mm


C58/6-TB 6 W, Ø 220 mm


C58/12-TB 12 W, Ø 220 mm


The C57 and C58 ranges of speaker units for installation in false ceilings guarantee excellent reproduction of both speech and music. They are made of moulded sheet metal treated with white scratchproof and non-reflecting paint and will fit elegantly into any environment.

Each unit consists of a load-bearing ring with spring-operated quick-fit hooks for easy securing to the ceiling. The central mask with the loudspeaker cabled to the line transformer fits into the ring by rotating it until it locks into place. It is possible to apply an optional flameproof cap to protect the unit: AC957 for the C57-TB or AC958 for the C58/6-TB and C58/12-TB.




AC957 Flame-proof cap for C57 range


AC958 Flame-proof cap for C58 range