PA8500-VES Voice Evacuation System

PASO, leader brand of “Made in Italy” products is presenting the new range of products PA8500-VES. It has been designed and engineered to offer the most innovating solutions in the realization of alarms systems, in order to manage emergency situations and to permit the guided evacuation, according to actual regulations (EN 54-16, ISO 7240-19 e EN 60849).


The PA8500-VES offers the right answer for any system requirement; the combined action of the new control units and the new digital amplifiers permits flexible and easily expandable installations both for numbers of zones and for sound power, in compliance with safety standards. The complete architecture of PA8500-VES system is based on thecontroller CR8506-V, the management and diagnostics unit. It is highly recommended for big as well as small installations, where high performance of security, flexibility and easiness are required. CAT5 network assures an easy connection of the several units, controllers, routers, digital amplifiers and emergency and/or paging call stations. This solution performs in efficient and economic installation, allowing the usage of both local and centralized equipment.


Each CR8506-V can manage 6 lines to which the following units can be directly connected:
• PMD range of digital amplifiers, equipped with a diagnostics card (up to 16 per line)
• Router RT8506-V for up to 6 outputs zones with A & B speaker lines
• PA8506-V Integrated Voice Evacuation Systems with 6 zones


The remote consoles PMB132/12-V and PMB132-V are fully monitored, and allow greater operational and management flexibility for any service and/or emergency calls and/or prerecorded messages on the zones of the system.


The possibility to connect in daisy chain up to 6 controller CR8506-V and to manage up to 36 lines allows to realize up to 216 zones forvoice evacuation/music.


On premises where large numbers of people are present it is essential to provide a suitable sound-broadcasting system that, following activation by the firefighting control unit, will handle the emergency situation and enable guided and controlled evacuation of the building.Current standards define in detail the features of an electroacoustic system for evacuation and emergency purposes in terms of design and installation so that it will meet the applicable safety and reliability requisites. 
PASO is able to answer to the needs specified in standards (EN 54-16, EN 60849).