Battery-charging and checking units 150/40


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W-MS24/150 Battery-charging and checking units


W-MS24/40 Battery-charging and checking units


The 24 Vdc W-MS24/150 and W-MS24/40 battery chargers have been designed specifically for voice evacuation systems. They are based on microprocessor-driven devices and able to charge lead batteries (back-up batteries connected to the voice evacuation system) and, at the same time, to supply power to auxiliary equipment.

The W-MS24/40 and W-MS24/150 battery chargers meet in full the requirements of EN54-4 (certificates nos. 0333-CPD-075382 and 0333-CPD-075381), and ensure maximum charging currents of 6 and 12 A respectively. They have standard chassis for installing directly on 19” racks (height: 2 U).