Amplified six channel receiver


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SDP220 Amplified six channel receiver


SDP220-N Amplified six channel receiver


This unit demodulates the signals distributed by the SDM200 modulator. Even when the receiver is switched off, it can be activated from a remote station, by means of a 12V control. This feature enables forcing of emergency signals to be sent out for single receiving zones. The module can be powered by a 12 VDC source or from the 230 VAC power mains through an SDT100 transformer contained in the SDA200-T loudspeaker module. The channels are selected cyclically by means of keys. The selected channel is shown on a display featuring automatic brightness adjustment in relation to the ambient lighting. The volume control is of the electronic type. It is possible to connect headphones to the socket provided for this purpose. It is available in pale grey (SDP220) and anthracite grey (SDP220-N).