Class “D” amplifiers


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PMD125-V Class “D” modular amplifiers


PMD250-V Class “D” modular amplifiers


PMD500-V Class “D” modular amplifiers


Careful design and a choice of very reliable hi-tech components led to the creation of this range of Class D amplifiers, featuring an extremely compact size and low energy consumption. Each has its own diagnostics card for testing correct operation and checking soundness of the loudspeaker line and a double output circuit with separate controls (A and B) for creating systems featuring line redundancy; if a short circuit is detected on one of the two outputs, this line is automatically disconnected to enable proper operation of the other. These modular amplifiers require a PMS2001 card-cage for mounting on a 19” rack. PMD amplifiers, connected directly to the CR8506-V controller by means of CAT5 shielded cable, can be used to create high-power areas. It is possible to connect up to 16 PMD units in cascade fashion to each of the six output lines (zones) of the CR8506-V. It is possible to configure one amplifier in each group as a stand-by unit. The fact that each amplifier is powered independently makes the system extremely reliable and in line with safety standards.




General features
• Operation on 230 VAC and 24 VDC
• Both stand-alone and remote-controlled operation are possible
• Double RJ45 input socket (for connecting more than one amplifier in parallel)
• Two audio inputs
• Front-panel LEDs indicating the output level or the operational status of the amplifier
• Forced fan cooling with an electronic control and protection circuit
• Output terminal block of the removable bayonet type


Local controls or via serial communication
• Output volume control
• Selection of the amplifier input
• Activation of the low-cut filter


• Diagnostics of the main functions of the amplifier
• Checking and measurement of the impedance of the loudspeaker line (A and B)
• Check and exclusion of short-circuited loudspeaker lines
• Check of earth connections (GND FAULT)



In addition to conventional protection in the form of fuses, these amplifiers have electronic protection devices and circuit-breakers with automatic resetting, protecting them from the possible risk of damage due to overloads.

The front-panel LEDs have a dual function as VU Meter (in normal conditions) and for indicating the types of any failures detected by the control card.