Emergency Paging Units


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PMB132-V Emergency Paging Units


PMB132/12-V Emergency Paging Units with selection areas


The remote consoles PMB132/12-V and PMB132-V are fully monitored, and allow greater operational and management flexibility for any service and/or emergency calls and/or prerecorded messages on the zones of the system. The LEDs on the front panel provide the main information on the status of the emergency system and on any failures.
The PMB132-V station enables a single All-Call to be made; if the alarm messages have to be sent to separate zones, on the other hand, it will be necessary to use the PMB132/12-V station, which enables a maximum of 12 zones to be selected. Each station must be completed with an additional microphone to be chosen from among the following models:


MC132-V Dynamic gooseneck microphone


M132-V Dynamic hand-held microphone with P.T.T. key


According to the used system units, it is possible to set-up the PTT and AUX keys and, only for the PMB132/12-V, each of the 12 selection keys in order to enable selection of groups of zones (keys 1 to 12 and the PTT key) or to create a specific combination of messages for the different zones (AUX key). It is possible to connect up to 7 remote station units in cascade formation by means of the IN/OUT sockets provided for this purpose, which can be used as inputs or outputs as required. The connections to the units are made by means of CAT5e SF/UTP shielded cable and a shielded STP connector.


• Fully monitored
• Emergency key
• Live emergency calls
• Sending of pre-recorded Evacuation/Alert messages
• Broadcast calls
• Zone-selection keys with status-LEDs (PMB132/12-V only)
• Faults/Failures LEDs
• AUX function to call pre-set messages
• Reset of emergency messages
• Muting of the buzzer for failure detection (ACK)