Voice Evacuation System


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PA8506-VES Voice Evacuation System


The PA8506-V is a PASO sound management system, which integrates emergency and general purpose broadcast functions. It enables background music and general or zone calls without interfering with its diagnostic routine. It’s designed for easy installation and operation in a wide range of applications where both emergency voice alarm systems and public address systems are required, always according to the voice evacuation safety standards.
It can be possible to connect easily (by simple CAT 5 cable) two main PA8506-V to create systems of up to 12 zones, for a maximum of 1000W and connect up to 14 emergency microphone units (thanks to the PMB132 series). The PA8506-V has all the functional features normally provided by more expensive systems, and it is therefore characterized by an exceptionally favourable price/performance ratio. It includes an emergency microphone, two class D power amplifiers, a message generator and BGM USB input. It provides also 6 zone outputs, with continuous speaker line monitoring function.
The speaker output section consists of 6 separated lines; each line has its own internal music level control. Furthermore, each output line consists of 2 speaker circuits (A & B) in order to guarantee the complete area coverage also in case of one loudspeaker circuit failure. The front controls and the LCD display allow easy system setup.
Other than paging and music broadcast operations, the PA8506-V is able to make alarm announcements in emergency situations. According to EN54-16 standard, the built in surveillance function continuously checks the system for all possible failures. The equipment is a fully 2-channel broadcast system including 2-built in class D amplifiers (2 x 250 W RMS, one for music and one for speech). Both amplifiers are continuously monitored. The music amplifier operates also as stand-by amplifier: in case of speech amplifier failure, the music amplifier automatically replaces it.
The PA8506-V can be mounted in a 19” standard rack (3-unit height).


• EN 54-16: 2008 certified (n. 0068-CPD-081/2011)
• ISO 7240-19 and EN 60849 compliance
• All in one Message/alarm generator, paging, BGM
• Two channel broadcast system
• Up to 12 output zones (using 2 PA8506-V units)
• Music volume control for each zone
• 1000 W maximum total power (complete configuration, 2 PA8506-V units and 2 AW5624 external amplifiers)
• Full digital audio control (DSP)