Compact Music Distribution System 60W/120W/240W



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PA1060 60 W RMS compact system


PA1120 120 W RMS compact system


PA1240 240 W RMS compact system


When it comes to CMDS systems, the PA1000 range has excellent functional characteristics and stands out for its exceptionally good price/performance ratio. A multi-function module with a digital FM tuner, an MP3 player for a USB/SD-MMC card, an amplifier-mixer and the wide range of possible configurations make each of these units a versatile sound-broadcasting system able to cover the needs of any small or medium-sized installation. The XLR sockets on the rear panel can be configured separately as microphone inputs (with or without phantom power supplies) or as line inputs: the mode is selected by means of the specific three-position switches.

Each of these inputs has its own level control for metering the amplitude of the various different signals suitably. Furthermore, the INPUT1 microphone input has an automatic precedence function (VOX): when the microphone connected to this input is used to speak, all the music and microphone inputs will automatically be muted. For connection to external music sources there is an auxiliary input with a double RCA socket for using standard stereo cables. It is possible to connect all dynamic microphones and B701-MG microphone bases to PA1000 compact systems. A precedence terminal block on the rear panel enables signals fro, the MP3 player, from the tuner and from the auxiliary input to be muted.

If, due to a particularly difficult environment, the system requires acoustic correction, it is possible to connect any equalizer whatsoever or a device for preventing acoustic feedback (Larsen effect) to the PRE OUT and PWR IN sockets. All the models ensure a high degree of reliability thanks to electronic devices protecting them from overload currents and over-temperatures of the power devices. Each unit also has a cooling fan, with automatic control of the speed depending on the temperature.

• MP3 player module (via USB, SD or MMC card)
• Digital FM tuner
• 3 MIC./LINE inputs with mode selection
• 1 VOX input (INPUT 1)
• 1 auxiliary input for sources of sound (TAPE/CD)
• Front-panel level control for each microphone an auxiliary input
• Front-panel master volume control and treble and bass control
• XLR sockets for connecting dynamic microphones and/or B701-MG stations
• Constant-voltage (25/70/100 V) or 4Ω impedance loudspeaker line output terminal block
•  Terminal block for activating precedence of microphone inputs
• Output/input for connection to audio processors
• Unbalanced line output for connection to other amplifiers
• LED-type Vu meter for clear and immediate check of output power
• Terminal block for DC power (24 VDC)
• Selectable mains power (230/115 VAC)
• Mountable in standard 19” rack using optional brackets


AC5660 19″ rack mounting brackets (2U)