Voice/music control system


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P8036 6 zone voice/music control unit


This equipment enables up to six zones to be selected from a microphone base. It is possible to activate/de-activate music for each zone by means of the front-panel switches provided for this purpose. It can be used both with line signals (upstream from the amplifier) and with power signals (output from the 100-V line amplifier). The P8036 has provisions for connecting two amplifiers (one for music and one for speech) to it or it can be configured for operation with a single amplifier for both voice and music. It has 4 inputs for auxiliary sound sources with a selector switch and level control, an input on a terminal board for connecting several microphone stations (B711-G and/or B711/6-G) and a VOX priority input for sound sources such as a message or alarm-tone generator. The selected music signal, with a controlled amplitude, will be available on the MUSIC OUT output, while the voice signal from the base or from the VOX input   (depending on the priority) will be available on the MIX OUT output. If there is only one amplifier, the music featuring the lowest priority level may also be available on that input. The unit can be installed directly on a 19” rack, occupying the height of one modular unit.



• Selection of voice/music on six zones via relay

• Possibility of activating/de-activating music for each zone by means of front-panel switches

• Four inputs for music sources

• VOX line input with automatic activation of precedence and All Call

• Input for B711 range pre-amplified microphone bases on a screw-down terminal block

• Separate 100-V inputs for music and speech

• Selection of Base/VOX or VOX/Base priority

• Six zone-line outputs on screw-down terminal block with three-wire connection for overriding the local volume attenuators

• MUSIC OUT and MIX OUT outputs

• Service relay for special types of activation (pre-recorded messages, alarm tone, etc.).

• Can be mounted in a 19” rack, height: 1 module

• Power supply: 230 VAC/24 VDC