Rack cabinet



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Rack cabinet from P5808 to P5840-D


The rack containers of the P5800-D range have been designed specifically for housing all PASO electronic equipment and service panels with provisions for modular fixing in 19’’ racks. All the models of the range are made of thick reinforced steel sheeting and are available in black.
A mounting kit consisting of two sides with ventilation slits, an upper closing panel and a lower one, four feet, a set of screws for mechanical assembly, 4 cables with lugs on the ends for connecting the equipment to earth and a set of caged nuts for securing the service equipment. Black front window panels with double locks are available for opening to the right or to the left (P5700 range). As an alternative to the normal rear closing panels secured by screws, black blind rear doors with locks and ventilation slits are also available (P5400-D range).
The racks of the P5800-D range comply with IEC 297-2 and CEI EN 60065 standards. Also, as called for in the general safety regulations for electrical systems (CEI 64-8, CEI 64-11, CEI 23-48), both the racks and the various different accessories (doors, closing panels, etc.) are equipped with the appropriate terminals for connection to earth.