Lavalier wireless microphone kit


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MA853/R850A Lavalier wireless microphone kit


The MA855/R850A and MA853/R850A kits are wireless microphone systems of the Diversity UHF type featuring high performance levels and PLL technology. They enable selection of 120 channels for maximum flexibility. The “Diversity” technology of the receiver and the microphone antenna ensure an exceptionally broad range for maximum reliability of the signal and freedom of movement.
Both transmitters (MA855A with a handgrip and MA853A pocket model) have a handy mute function, an LCD display, a keypad lock and a battery-status indicator.
The R850A receiver, which has its own power supply, is equipped with an automatic scanning system for identifying the frequency of the microphone, a large LCD display, an RF/AF level measuring device and a squelch circuit that enables any interferences present in the surrounding environment to be eliminated.




AC850 Support for rack mounting of one R850A receiver (1 U)


AC852 Support for rack mounting of two R850A receivers (1 U)


AC855 Battery charger for MA855A and MA853A transmitters