Systems for hearing-aid wearers



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LAX200 Current amplifier up to 200 mq


LAX450 Current amplifier up to 450 mq


LAX800 Current amplifier up to 800 mq


LAX50 Current amplifier up to 50 mq


The amplifiers of the LAX range are designed specifically for inductive sound transmission and are used in particular in dedicated audio systems for hearing-aid wearers. Most modern hearing aids have a two-position switch, the positions being marked “M” and “T”. Position “M” is for “normal” listening through the microphone. Position “T” (Telecoil) is for inductive sound reception, through a special coil built into the hearing aid.

The output from the current amplifier feeds a loop made of suitably insulated normal copper wire positioned on the perimeter within which to broadcast sound. The current running through the loop generates a variable magnetic field in the room that is “induced” in the coil of the hearing aid. As a rule, this magnetic field is sufficiently strong to enable the person to move about freely, still enjoying a comfortable level of reception.

The main advantage of this system is that the sound reaches the user in an undistorted manner free from any ambient noise, echo or reverberation, and is therefore perfectly intelligible. The use of induction systems for hearing-aid wearers is becoming increasingly widespread in public places such as theatres, churches, banks, schools and offices etc.,  and there are also effective and increasingly numerous household applications, with connections to the television set, the radios, the telephone and/or the door-phone.




LACF01 Feeder cable, 50 m


LACL10 Loop feeder cable, 100 m


LAC50 Induction coil for counters or tables (LAX50)


LALT01 Scotch tape for LACF01, 50 m


LAL01 Loop present stickers (10 pcs.)


LAM50 Tie clip microphone (LAX50)


LASC100 SCART adaptor for TV (LAX200/450/800)


LASC50 SCART adaptor for TV (LAX50)


LATR100 Interface for 100 V line (LAX200/450/800)


LATR50 Interface for 100 V line (LAX50)