Interphone system for counters



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ITC2000-C Interphone system for counters


C401-B Loudspeaker 


ITC2000-C is an interphone system for counters for the public. Microprocessor-based management allows high quality flexible performance. The system has more than one operating model. It can be configured as a handsfree “speak-listen” unit and, if connected to an amplifier, it can be incorporated profitably into a sound-broadcasting system. This latter application is extremely interesting, since in addition to carrying on a conversation over the counter, the operator can also make announcements to the public. It can be used with the LAX50 current amplifier in soundbroadcasting systems for wearers of hearing aids.

The ITC2000-C stands out from other “speak-listen” systems available on the market since it operates in the attenuation mode rather than by switching. This makes the conversation more natural, since the unpleasant breaks in the dialogue that are typical of switched systems are avoided. The operator station is equipped with a microphone on a flexible stem, long enough to enable conversation in a natural tone of voice and volume, with no howl-round effects. The system must be equipped with either one and two PASO C401-B loudspeakers on the public side, for listening. These are made of aluminium, are extremely tough and suitable also for applications requiring protection against vandalism, (e.g. railway and underground, night chemists). In the back panel there are two standard 3,5 mm jack plugs for connecting headphones and/or external microphone.


The ITC2000-C interphone system consists of:

• Microphone base equipped with microphone with anti-hissing protection

• External 230 Vac/18 Vdc, 500 mA power supply

• Junction box (telephone type) with 6-pole socket (female)

• Connecting cable between the interphone base and the junction box (length 3 m), equipped with 6-pin telephone connectors (male)

• Wall-mounted electret microphone, equipped with shielded cable (length 3 m). This microphone was designed for mounting on the glass pane above the counter, thanks to its vibration-proof double-adhesive strip


Note: it works with an external loudspeaker model C401-B, not included in the supply.