“EUROPA” range
Transformer-type attenuators



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TL10-RE 10 W attenuator with by-pass relay


TL30-RE 30 W attenuator with by-pass relay


TL60-RE 60 W attenuator with by-pass relay


These attenuators enable the sound level in a room to be adjusted by attenuating the sound performance of the speaker units with a transformer in constant-voltage systems (100, 70, 50 V). Each attenuator has an autotransformer, an 11-position switch (10 positions + Off) and front masks. They are available with different output powers, depending on the load that can be connected to them.

Each model (TL10-RE, TL30-RE and TL60-RE) has a by-pass relay able to exclude the attenuator in case of an alarm and/or emergency signal having priority (activation of the relay with a 24 VDC current on an additional two-pole line). They can be easily flush-mounted on a wall using the AC911 box or secured to a wall using the AC913 adaptor.




AC911 Plastic box for flush-mounting. Size (L x H x P): 70 x 70 x 50 mm


AC913 Plastic adaptor for protruding wall-mounting. Size (L x H x P): 80 x 80 x 50 mm