Automatic controller of audio level


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DLC9000 Automatic controller of audio level


The DLC9000 is a device for automatic control of the audio level for broadcasting messages in places featuring variable background noise levels such as, by way of example, a railway station or a chain store where the level of the background noise is higher when the area is crowded than when there is no movement. The DLC9000 uses a microphone, not included in the supply (for example, an M936 dynamic microphone or an MC102 flat electret microphone) to detect the ambient noise. The output of the control is connected between the pre-amplifier and the power amplifier of the zone considered.
The noise measuring device is extremely simple to configure. The various different stages of programming can be selected easily using only three push-buttons (Up/Down and Select) in the menu shown on the 16-digit backlit display.



• Level of background noise shown in real time
• Storage of background noise level (minimum and maximum)
• Level of attenuation definable on the basis of the required S/N ratio
• Incremental adjustment of the ratio
• “Precedence” contact or “VOX” function for emergency calls
• Monitoring loudspeaker