“SPOT LIGHT” ceiling-mounting


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CSPOT/6-T 6 W, white Ø 105 mm


CSPOT/6-TN 6 W, black, Ø 105 mm


CSPOT/6-TS 6 W, silver, Ø 105 mm


CSPOT ceiling-mounting units are designed specifically to meet the aesthetic requirements of modern interior design.

The small size and the shape of the structure of this speaker unit meet the need to camouflage the presence of the loudspeaker among the decorative and/or functional elements of the ceiling, e.g. flush-mounted lighting fixtures. The structure is made of painted metal, making it a tough product with fine construction details.

The loudspeaker features an excellent performance in spite of the fact that it is smaller than the usual units for ceiling mounting. Installation in false ceilings is simple and rapidly accomplished thanks to the spring-type hooks. The built-in transformer enables connection to constant-voltage lines with adjustable power. The models of the CSPOT range are available in several different colours.