Discussion and voting units


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CL2100-G Control console unit for CS2100 system


The CS2100 control unit for configuring the system and performing the various control activities requires at least one CL2100-G console (up to a maximum of four can be installed). This unit enables programming and complete management of the discussion, of voting and, if required, activation of a speaker’s station (B2100-DG and/or B2080-DG) without queuing. The backlit LCD display shows the statuses of the microphones (ID number of the currently active microphone, of the next one in the queue and number of speakers queued to speak) and the result of the voting (total number of people voting Yes, number voting No and number Abstaining). There is a double RJ45 socket (IN/OUT) for direct connection to the control unit or for cascade connection to the other stations. The console has all the controls needed for easy and immediate use (numerical 0-9 keypad, key for selecting the conference mode, key for starting/ending the voting, key for continuing the discussion, menu key for selecting the language, selecting the length of the contributions in the automatic mode and selecting the service functions).