C95 “ONDA” range
Design by Lucci and Orlandini


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C95/20-T 20 W, 100 V transformer, white


C95/40-T 40 W, 100 V transformer, white


C95/40 40 W, 8 Ω, white


C95/20-TN 20 W, 100 V transformer, black


C95/40-TN 40 W, 100 V transformer, black


C95/40-N 40 W, 8 Ω, black


The speaker units of the “ONDA” range feature an original concept and high technical and aesthetic quality. They are available in the standard colours “Quartz” White and “Goldmetal” Black. The support included in the supply enables them to be fixed either on a wall or on a ceiling. The optional AC915 support can be used to rest a speaker unit on a surface. The quality of the project makes it a product for universal use, meeting any need for sound-broadcasting in interiors. Excellent reproduction of both speech and music.