Wall-mounting speakers


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C94/30-T 30 W, two-way, bass-reflex, white


C94/30-TN 30 W, two-way, bass-reflex, black


C94/15-T 15 W, two-way, bass-reflex, white


C94/15-TN 15 W, two-way, bass-reflex, black


C94 sound speakers have been created and designed in Italy. Their exclusive and elegant design allows the loudspeakers to be used for any installations and environment, keeping the same high quality sound throughout. The C94 range, made of ABS with a front metal grille, utilizes a compact two-way system guaranteeing high performances, wide dynamics, high fidelity sound reproduction and high voice intelligibility. C94 speakers are equipped with an exclusive fully adjustable support bracket for easy installation, to cut costs and save installation time. The bracket may be attached to the wall prior to installing the loudspeaker and is provided with a safety cable. Connection to the loudspeakers is via plug in “Euroblock” connector and adjustment of loudspeaker output is made via screwdriver adjustable switch.