Open conference units


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B2080-DG Delegate unit for open conference only


Each B2080-DG station enables the delegate to take an active part in the discussion and to listen clearly to the contributions of the other speakers via the built-in loudspeaker or via an external headphone. Each unit is supplied with its own cardioid electret microphone mounted on a 43 cm long flexible stem and a ring that lights up to indicate that it has been activated. Each station also has a push-button for requesting to speak, a built-in loudspeaker that is automatically excluded when the station is active and a volume control. Delegates can also listen to the discussion via headphones or earpieces to be connected to the sockets provided for this purpose (3.5 mm jack). As soon as a jack is connected, the built-in loudspeaker is muted. A double RJ45 socket (IN/OUT) on the rear panel enables cascade connection to the other stations or to the con-trol unit, using CAT5e SF/UTP shielded cable.


NB.: a B2080-DG microphone station can be used with the CS2100 system to act as “non-voting” delegate or, if suitably configured, as a Secretary, with the possibility of step-ping in directly without having to queue to speak.