AX3506 / AX3512
Mixer amplifiers



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AX3506 60 W RMS


AX3512 120 W RMS


Models AX3506 (output 60 W) and AX3512 (120 W) have excellent functional features and stand out for their exceptionally good price/performance ratios. The wide range of possible configurations makes each of them a versatile unit able to meet the needs of any small or medium-sized system. Three balanced microphone inputs with phantom power supplies plus an input for B711-G microphone bases. There are two auxiliary inputs for sources of sound (Tape, CD) that can be selected by means of the front-panel control. On the rear terminal block there is an audio input with automatic activation of precedence (VOX); the level and activation threshold can be adjusted via the rear panel. This input can be used for connecting the appropriate audio output of a telephone switchboard.
The precedence contact can be used to activate priority of the microphones over the auxiliary sources, sending a warning signal (chime) at the same time. A VU-meter on the front panel indicates clearly the power being output and any overloads. Each amplifier has electronic protection against short circuits on the loudspeaker line. These units can be mounted on a standard 19” rack using the specific AC3500 brackets.


• 2 mic inputs with phantom power supply (XLR). MIC1 with automatic precedence function (VOX) and adjustable threshold
• Mic input (XLR) with phantom power supply or RJ45 to connect up to 6 B711-G microphone stations (max distance 200 m)
• MIC/PH/LINE input with associated selector switch
• 2 auxiliary inputs for sound sources (TAPE/CD)
• Telephone/emergency audio input for priority calls with adjustable threshold and sensitivity
• Front-panel level control for each microphone and auxiliary input.
• Front panel overall volume control and treble and bass controls
• 50/70/100 V or 8 Ω impedance loudspeaker line output
• Auxiliary line output
• LED-type Vu meter for immediate monitoring of output power
• Microswitches for setting priorities and input functions
• Inclusion/exclusion of speech filter on all microphone inputs
• Contacts for activating input precedence
• Alerting signal (chime) with level control
• Selectable 230/115 VAC and 24 VDC mains power supply




AC3500 Brackets for rack-mounting (AX3506 and AX3512 (2 HE)