120W, 240W, 480W


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AW5612 120 W RMS booster unit


AW5624 240 W RMS booster unit


AW5648 480 W RMS booster unit


This is a new range of power units designed specifically for professional sound-broadcasting systems with service and emergency messages. Thanks to the great reliability of the protection circuits used, combined with an attractive appearance and the very tough structures, the AW5600 range constitutes the ideal product for quality amplification, with a particularly interesting price/performance ratio.
Each amplifier of the AW5600 range has an electronically balanced line input/output with a double XLR socket, one female socket and one male socket to facilitate connection of a number of boosters in cascade fashion. To connect a source of sound directly, it is possible to use a second unbalanced input by means of a double RCA socket for using standard stereo cables.
All the boosters of this range have an RJ45 input for connection to B711-G pre-amplified microphone bases simply by means of SFTP CAT.5E shielded cables. There is a special balanced input (TEL/EMERG) with a transformer and automatic activation of precedence (VOX) on the rear panel. Controls for adjusting the level and the activation threshold are present on the rear panel. This input can be used for connecting the appropriate audio output of a telephone switchboard.
The AW5600 range has a large number of devices for protection against overloads and short circuits (an output current peak-limiting circuit, a thermal circuit-breaker inside the power transformer, a resettable thermal circuit-breaker in contact with the power-transistor heat sink, mains fuses). In addition, each unit has a cooling fan, with automatic control of the speed depending on the temperatures of the heat sinks to which the power devices are applied.


• Balanced line input/output (XLR-F and XLR-M sockets, with adjustable sensitivity).
• Unbalanced line input (double RCA socket)
• B711-G microphone station input (RJ45 socket)
• Telephone/emergency audio input for priority calls with adjustable threshold and sensitivity
• Front panel overall volume control and treble and bass controls
• Rear-panel selector switch for enabling/disabling front-panel tone and volume controls
• Constant voltage (50/70/100 V) or 8 Ω impedance loudspeaker line output.
• LED-type Vu meter for clear and immediate monitoring of output power
• Contacts for activating precedence on line input
• Alerting signal (chime) with level control
• Selectable 230/115 Vac and 24 Vdc mains power supply