Extended-range two-way horn



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TR20-HF 16 W rectangular horn speaker


TR40-HF 40 W rectangular horn speaker


TR20-HF and TR40-HF horns are two-way speaker units featuring a high level of efficiency, a wide frequency response range and excellent power-handling capacity. The housing of the speaker unit is made of reinforced polypropylene, self-extinguishing according to UL94-VO. The particular shape of this speaker unit gives rise to practically constant and controlled coverage of the audio spectrum and makes it particularly suitable for any application in which the typical efficiency of horn-type speaker units must be accompanied by a pleasant tone colour and perfect intelligibility. The treble range is reproduced by a horn featuring constant directivity fed by a compression unit for the TR40-HF, and by a dome-type tweeter for the TR20-HF. The medium-bass range is reproduced in both models by a bent horn fed by a cone-shaped loudspeaker (mid-woofer). A cross-over filter separates the frequencies for the two loudspeakers- Thanks to the built-in repeating coil with sockets for adjusting the output power, these speaker units can  be connected to constant-voltage sound-distribution lines (100-70-50 V); a 16 Ω connection is also available for low-impedance systems.