Vandal-proof housing projectors


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C86/20-TW 20 W Monodirectional, vandal-proof housing projector, IP65, swivelling bracket


C86/20-2TW 20 W Bi-directional, vandal-proof housing projector, IP65, fixed bracket


C86/20-EN 20W Monodirectional, vandal-proof housing projector, IP65, swivelling bracket,
EN54-24  certificate no. 0068-CPD-033/2013


C86/20-2EN 10+10W Bi-directional, vandal-proof housing projector, IP65, fixed bracket,
EN54-24  certificate no. 0068-CPR-039/2016

The vandal-proof sound projectors of the C86 range feature a grey aluminium housing and a yellow-galvanised front grille, tropicalised and stove-enamelled. Thanks to the particularly tough and sealed de-sign, class of protection IP65, this range is especially suitable for use in particularly difficult environmental conditions. They have wide-band loudspeakers featuring a high level of acoustic efficiency for excellent reproduction of both voice and music. Each unit is supplied with a fixing bracket and a transformer for 100/70/50 V constant-voltage lines with an output power adjustable to 20-10-5 W.

The models with the suffix -EN were designed specifically for use in emergency and evacuation systems (VES). Each unit has its own thermal fuse that excludes the loudspeaker in the event of overheating plus a flame-proof connecting cable (80 cm in length); they are certified for compliance with EN 54-24:2008. The C86/20-2TW and C86/20-2EN bi-directional sound projectors are particularly suitable for installation in transit areas or corridors.