Sound projectors


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C55 20 W sound projector | Light grey


C55-S 20 W sound projector, IP66 | Light grey


C55-TW 40 W sound projector, IP65 | Light grey


C55/40-EN 40 W sound projector, IP65 | White
EN54-24  certificate no. 0068-CPR-039/2016

The sound projectors of the C55 range are made of pale grey UV-stabilised ABS, self-extinguishing to UL94-V0. Each unit has a black chromium-plated stainless steel front grille. It has a constant-voltage line transformer and a swivelling fixing bracket that slides along the housing. This range is characterised by excellent reproduction of both music and speech. There are models featuring a high sound pressure to ensure a high acoustic performance. Models are available for installation in covered areas (C55) as well as other sealed units (C55-S, C55-TW and C55/40-EN) that can also be installed outside.

The C55/40-EN model was designed specifically for use in emergency and evacuation systems (VES). It is equipped with a thermal fuse that excludes the loudspeaker in the event of overheating plus a flame-proof connecting cable (80 cm in length); it is certified for compliance with EN 54-24:2008.

Sound projectors are used mainly for directing the sound beam and concentrating it towards a specific area and can be used for innumerable applications. The C55-TW uses a wide-band loudspeaker featuring very high acoustic efficiency for excellent reproduction of both voice and music, and it is often used for broadcasting sound along main roads and promenades for tourists. New Arbat Street in Moscow – sound-broadcasting system featuring C55-TW speaker units. This is the most important shopping street in Moscow. It is over a kilometre long and offers all sorts of bars, clubs and restaurants.