AX6120 / AX6240
Mixer 3 output zones



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AX6120 120 W RMS mixer amplifier with 3 output zones


AX6240 240 W RMS mixer amplifier with 3 output zones


This range of built-in amplifiers is characterised by its versatility, user-friendliness, robustness and reliability,  designed for a vast range of applications in the field of sound-broadcasting for both commercial and industrial use. The numerous functions offered by the AX6000 range include three output lines (to zones), CAT5 links to the microphone stations for calling the zones, priority emergency calls to single zones or groups of zones and provisions for a USB/SD card music module. The internal CPU is easily able to manage all the many functions of the equipment and the micro-switches on the rear panel can be used to select the required operating model. All the models have 5 inputs with independent front-panel controls and professional XLR connectors equipped with mechanical locking hold-down devices. The first two are of the electronically balanced microphone type, with a phantom power supply (input 1 with automatic VOX activation).

The third can be used either as a microphone input or as an input for PMB106-G microphone stations (RJ45 connector) with the possibility of making calls to zone. The last two can be configured separately, as microphone inputs (with or without phantom power supplies) or as line inputs. There are two auxiliary inputs (CD and TAPE) for connecting sources of music, with normalised input levels and a double RCA socket for using standard stereo cables. There is a special Telephone/Emergency audio input with automatic activation (VOX) that can be used for a priority call. If the system requires acoustic correction, it is possible to connect any equalizer whatsoever or a device for preventing acoustic feedback (Larsen effect) to the PRE OUT and PWR IN sockets after positioning the control switch provided for this purpose. The front panel has a compartment for housing an optional AC6000 module, enabling external devices such as SD/MMC cards and USB storage units used as sources of music to be played. All the amplifiers of the range ensure a high degree of reliability thanks to electronic devices protecting them from overload currents and over-temperatures of the power devices. Each unit also has a cooling fan, with automatic control of the speed depending on the temperature.


• 2 balanced/unbalanced mic inputs with phantom power supply
• Microphone input or microphone stations of the PMB range
• 2 MIC/PH/LINE inputs with specific selector switch
• 2 auxiliary inputs for sound sources (TAPE/CD)
• Telephone/emergency audio input for priority calls with adjustable threshold and sensitivity
• Front-panel adjustment of the level of each microphone and auxiliary input
• Front-panel control of overall volume and of treble and bass tones
• Provisions for inserting a USB/SD CARD module (AC6000)
• Constant voltage (50/70/100 V) or 8 Ω impedance loudspeaker line output.
• 3 output lines for zones
• Balanced line output for connection to other amplifiers
• Output/input for connection to audio processors
• LED-type Vu meter for clear and quick reading of power emitted
• Microswitches for setting operating modes
• Includable/excludable speech filters on all microphone inputs
• Contacts for activating input precedence and override
• “Music On Hold” output with output level control (output of the selected auxiliary signal)
• Alerting signal (chime) with level control
• Front-panel keys for selecting music listening zones
• Selectable mains power supply – 230/115 VAC or 24 VDC


AC5660 Brackets for rack-mounting (2 U)


AC50 Lateral supporting brackets for rack-mounting