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CS2080 • Open conference system

It is a discussion system featuring free access, in which the Chairper-

son or Moderator's microphone has priority. It is suitable for conferen-

ces attended by up to 80 people, including the Chairperson.

The heart of the system is the CS2080 control and power supply unit.

It has been designed specifically for managing small discussion-only

systems with no need for an operator in the conference hall. Versatility

of the output connections and the independent front-panel level con-

trols for each audio signal input are the strong points of this control

unit. It can power up to 80 stations and has at disposal four RJ45

outputs for connecting the stations in cascade fashion (using CAT5e

SF/UTP cable). There is a 'MIC'/'AUX IN' input for connecting addi-

tional sources to the conference system such as wired microphones,

wireless microphone receivers or other sources of sound. It is possible

to provide a 12 V phantom power supply for the 'MIC' input. There

are double 'IN' and 'OUT' sockets for connecting a recorder. There is

a 'BOOSTER OUT' (XLR) output socket to which a power unit can be

connected for sound-broadcasting in the conference hall.


Central control unit




Conference mode

Conference and voting

Only open conference

Maximum overall number of units

2 Chairman units + 98 Delegate units

1 Chairman units + 79 Delegate units

Control console unit

CL2100-G (min 1, max 4)


Microphone unit connection lines

6 RJ45

4 RJ45

Microphone unit connecting cables

CV20xx cables with RJ45 connectors or 31/142-100 (CAT5e SF/UTP shielded cable, 100 m roll)

Audio inputs






Balaced XLR

Unbalaced, 2 RCA


1,5 mV

220 mV

125 mV

S/N ratio

65 dB

> 70 dB

Frequency response

170 ÷ 13.000 Hz

50 ÷ 20.000 Hz

Audio outputs



Balaced XLR, 420 mV


2 RCA, 210 mV

Serial data output

RS232, DB9


Mains power supply

230 Vac - 50/60 Hz (140 W)

Dimensions (W x H x D)

482 x 44 x 240 mm (direct standard 19 " rack mounting, 1 U)


5 kg

System functional features

• Maximum overall number of stations that can be connected: 80

• Up to 79 B2080-DG Delegate Stations

• One B2080-PG Chairperson station

• Open conference mode only (simultaneous management of a

plurality of stations)

• The Chairperson can speak either in the 'conversation' mode or in

the 'priority' mode

• Easy cascade connections using CAT5 shielded cable

• Up to 4 connecting lines (max 20 units per line, maximum length

of lines from the central unit to the last unit connected: 100 m)

• Connection of additional sources and of an audio recorder

• Three separate volume controls (signals from the units, from the

'TAPE' input and from the 'MIC/AUX IN' inputs)

• Connection to a power unit for sound broadcasting in the

conference hall



conference system is simple to install, its cost is reaso-

nable and it does not require any programming or any assistance in

the conference hall in order to work.