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PASO S.p.A. is an industrial company established in 1973 as the result of the enthusiastic work

of the managerial and technical staff previously employed by the historical Milan-based com-

pany GELOSO, active since 1931 and international leader on the market of professional sound-

broadcasting. PASO took over GELOSO’s trademark, their patents and a valuable heritage of

experience, skills and technical knowledge.

With roots firmly embedded in solid and prestige know-how, the company continued to increase

its knowledge in the field of system and industrial engineering, with the primary aim of constant

evolution of its Public Address products, in terms of technology, quality and reliability.

As a result of the company’s experience with discussion and conference systems, in 2000 the

trademark “AULA” was created to distinguish a line of top-of-the-range products for managing


Historical origins ...