PASO conference systems: efficiency & elegance “made in Italy”

PASO conference systems: the best solution for every installation requirement.

The secret of each conference is the possibility to manage it at its best by giving order to the interventions and regulating time and manners, achieving fast responses by the assembly about special references: all with a clear and perfectly intelligible sound message. PASO conference systems are able to meet these needs in a simple and orderly manner, providing the correct answer for any installation requirement, from small discussion systems to complex systems for meetings and conferences (with installations of up to 100 microphone units) .
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PASO audio evacuation and alarm systems: facebook page

PASO audio evacuation and alarm systems on Facebook

audio evacuation and alarm systems

PASO, leading brand in audio evacuation and alarm systems is also on Facebook. On our page you’ll find information about audio industry and safety, product updates, previews, conferences, events and seminars which PASO organizes or participates as a specialist in audio evacuation and alarm systems.

A lot of professionals and companies follow us to get information on products and to know the events dedicated to deepening their technical notions. Being on a social network for PASO is not meant to be present on the web with some rare update – unfortunately many companies do that – but our goal is to inform all of our customers and followers, giving them the main useful notions to increase their competence in projecting safety & evacuation sound systems, understanding the current laws and standards requirements.
Information about PASO’s technical seminars are constantly updated on our Facebook page, so you can’t miss an occasion to attend the event.

 Jump on board with us: audio evacuation and alarm systems PASO has always been digital… and now is also social!


PASO quality all over the World

PASO quality all over the world

PASO promotes its products all over the world: back from Indian and Middle-East exhibitions, where the Italian brand took part with the entire range of security-related audio products, let’s talk about these last international events with Antonio Faccioni, PASO CEO and Roberto Megazzini, PASO Sales Manager in this short Q&A.

1) From India to Dubai stopping in Milan…PASO always attends the most important international exhibitions on audio security systems and emergency management. Why?

Yes, it’s true…and just returned from Dubai, we went straight to Amsterdam, where we’ve shown our products to the ISE 2016 exhibition! We always attend the main international events in order to be always up-to-date on new technologies. Moreover, these exhibitions are an occasion for nice meet & greet with our foreigner partners and dealers.

2) What’s Intersec? And why it’s so important for PASO to be there?

Intersec Dubai has become over the years the main exhibition for the Middle-East and North Africa area: its’ a meeting point of all international excellences of Safety and Evacuation Systems. Just to give you an idea, this year there was 1.280 exhibitors, with an amount of 31.100 visitors from 127 nations! So you can easily imagine how much it’s important for us to partecipate in order to promote our work.

3) What about new products that PASO brought to Intersec 2016?

This year, in addition to all our EN 54-24 loudspeakers and VES PA8506-V system we presented the prototypes of the new compact wall-mounting systems PAW4500-VES.

4) What certifications and directives do you comply to make PASO a quality leader in the emergencies audio management field?

A certified product must comply with the EN 54-16, ISO 7240-19 and EN 60849 standards requirements, which regulate the making of emergency systems able to handle all the alarm situations and allow a guided and controlled evacuation.

5) How much is it important and what is the meaning of the EN 54 certification both in the Italian and international markets?

On premises where large numbers of people are present – e.g. Hospitals, schools, shopping centers, supermarkets, office buildings, sport centers and so on – it is essential to provide a suitable sound-broadcasting system that, following activation by the firefighting control unit, will handle the emergency situation and enable guided and controlled evacuation of the building. Current standards define in detail the features of an electroacoustic system for evacuation and emergency purposes in terms of design and installation so that it will meet the applicable safety and reliability requisites.

6) Which are the most sought-after PASO products by the Asian market?

The Asian market has shown a lot of interest for the EN54 products, even if at the moment in that specific geographical area these standards haven’t been acknowledged yet. Then, we have to admit that…the “Made in Italy” style always draws attention!

7) Which are the next PASO appointments in the near future?

Next stop in our “tour” will be Essen – Germany – where we’ll attend the SECURITY exhibition from September 27th to 30th. We’ll wait for you!


PASO waits for you at the world’s leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection

At Intersec, you’ll find all the industry’s latest trends, cutting-edge innovations and new products. With the a globally unrivalled range of products in the Commercial Security, Information Security, Fire & Rescue, Safety & Health and Homeland Security & Policing, from major brand manufacturers, international newcomers and many others, Intersec is the most important business platform worldwide and the no. 1 in the MENA region.

You’ll find us at Hall SA – Stand J30.

All information about the exhibition here: Intersec 2016

PASO official sponsor of AudioForum – Infocomm India 2015

PASO official sponsor of AudioForum  during Infocomm India 2015 – Mumbai

PASO official sponsor of AudioForuma project carried outorganised by Connessioni with the purpose of creating up-to-dateupdate courses and networking opportunities for the audio community. The event has already been organized in many of the most important cities, international shows dedicated to the system integration market, from ISE Amsterdam to InfoComm shows. The edition took place on September 3rd, during InfoComm Asia 2015, the most important trade show in Southern Asia dedicated to the audio and video technologies.
The new topic for the Mumbai edition was Continue reading “PASO official sponsor of AudioForum – Infocomm India 2015”

Sistemi di evacuazione vocale EN 54 e rilevazione fumi

Sistemi di evacuazione vocale EN 54 e sistemi di rilevazione fumi: il 24 Aprile 2015 presso il collegio dei Periti Industriali della provincia di Genova, incontro tecnico normativo sull’integrazione dei sistemi


I sistemi di evacuazione vocale EN 54 della PASO e i sistemi di rilevazione fumi: approfondimento e possibilità di integrazione nell’evento tecnico normativo del 24 aprile 2015 presso la sede del Collegio dei Periti Industriali di Genova, dedicato ai progettisti, responsabili antincendio, ed operatori del settore, nonché a dipendenti di studi o uffici tecnici Continue reading “Sistemi di evacuazione vocale EN 54 e rilevazione fumi”

PASO video for the exhibitions around the world



SIEC Convention 2013, dedicated to the System Integration world


At ISE 2013 Exhibition in Amsterdam, FBT has officially announced the acquisition of PASO, and the two companies, while remaining two separate realities, shared the same showroom. This has generated a lot of interest from distributors and visitors in general.


Intersec DUBAI – January 19-21, 2014


Paso @ISE 2014 Amsterdam


FBT Group @ Prolight&Sound 2014


Expo Ferrovia 2014 – Ermes & Paso


Medity Expo 2014 – May 15-17, 2014