ESSEN 2016: PASO presents its new compact voice evacuation systems for emergency

Security Essen 2016: We “follow the PAW” of the new PASO compact voice evacuation systems.

The SECURITY 2016 Fair (Essen, Germany) has just ended. PASO choose one of the most important fairs in the field of Safety at European level, to officially unveil the new PAW4500-VES range: three compact voice evacuation systems for emergency, especially designed for wall mounting and fitted with a EN 54-16: 2008 / EN 54-4 compliant unit.
A very peculiar slogan – a play on words – accompanied the launch of these new products and helped to create a cheerful atmosphere at our booth, caught by many visitors… who decided to pose for a souvenir photo with us! But now it’s time to go back to technical details: let’s talk with Antonio Faccioni (CEO), Roberto Megazzini (Sales Manager) and Marco Morimanda (Product Manager) about this German business trip.

Q: Here PASO again to the fore in an international scenario. What were the expectations for this fair?
A: Essen is a fixture in our agenda, as in the Community is perhaps the most important along with ISE Amsterdam. For this reason we decided to do the “official” presentation of PAW4500-VES series on this occasion.

Q: How is this range composed?
A: The range includes three models: PAW4502-V, PAW4504-V and V-PAW4506 that are aesthetically identical, but they can – depending on the number of amplifiers mounted on board – serve respectively 2, 4 or 6 zones. In a system it is possible to interconnect up to 6 PAW units, for a total maximum of 36 zones managed. Each unit, then, can be connected up to 16 microphone paging stations and 4 stations for emergency calls.

Q: Tell us something about the main features.
A: All models have a rated audio output of 500 W, which may be freely distributed on the zones (with a maximum limit of 250 W for each zone). Configuration and system management are done via the touch screen 4.3″ display on the front panel. The 7 supervised input contacts can be configured to play evacuation and/or alert messages on planned areas or to reset the messages. Of course there is much more, but we invite you to discover the PAW with us!

Q: It seems to me that in Essen there was another new product…
A: Exactly, that was the TSB8500-V new emergency station – equipped with a touch screen 7″ display – which can be connected to the PAW as an alternative to the classic keyboard emergency station.

Q: One last question, more of a curiosity…why a paw as a symbol?
A: It is very simple and…random, actually: PAW is a product-related acronym, but we thought that it would be nice to create a slogan and a small logo – easily identifiable at the fair – making reference to the English meaning of the word itself. It goes without saying then the association of ideas between paw and footprint was automatic, as well as imagine to “follow” a guided path to safety in a case of emergency.

Well, we thank you for taking your time and we wish you a great success to this new range of products. See you next time!