Safety, first of all

PASO provides complete audio solutions for conventional sound-broadcasting systems and for systems applied to emergency able to manage alarm situations.

On premises where large numbers of people are present it is essential to provide a suitable sound-broadcasting system that, following activation by the firefighting control unit, will handle the emergency situation and enable guided and controlled evacuation of the building.

Current standards define in detail the features of an electro-acoustic system for evacuation and emergency purposes in terms of design and installation so that it will meet the applicable safety and reliability requisites.

The Voice Evacuation PASO Systems are current answer to the needs specified in standards.

PASO offers a complete range of loudspeakers designed for use in voice alarm systems and devices certified to EN 54-24. All speakers have appropriate protection with ceramic terminal block and thermal fuse to ensure the integrity of the system and loudspeaker lines: in case of fire, damage to the unit will not cause faults in the circuit attached to them and the other speakers can still be used to inform people of the emergency situation in progress.

The sound installation, especially if complex and require high levels of security and flexibility, it must be integrated with increasingly sophisticated systems for management and control of the various components, the flexible selection of the inputs and outputs for interfacing with external devices. For these and most demanding applications PASO offers various solutions such as, for example, units multizone master / slave (P8136 / P8236), a ‘system’ professional distribution voice / music extremely versatile and able to meet the most complex system specifications.